Audiovisual Content Still Premium on Media, The Experts Assure

The quality of the content will remain the key to the future of the audiovisual sector beyond the new forms of distribution, according to experts gathered today in the last day of the annual conference of the National Association of television Programme Executives ( NATPE) in Miami (USA).

“The content is what makes this conference and this sector grow. Whether with traditional television or digitally, the important thing is the content “said JP Bommel, president of NATPE.

With the will to “be a step ahead of what happens in the industry “, the digital sector has been one of the axes of the 55 edition of NATPE, where companies OTT (free transmission over the Internet) have cohabited with the traditional teleoperator, that , in the judgment of JP Bommel, “They are here to stay “.

“You’re not going home to see technology, but to see stories. People want more products and more programs, but above all they are good “he highlighted.

In the same line, Klaudia Bermudez-Key, general manager of NBCUniversal International networks Latam., insisted that “No matter what platform, what people are looking for is content quality “.

Thus, in this edition of Natpe, which has brought together in Miami the leaders of the television industry and to buyers and sellers of audiovisual contents from all over the world, the work of the executives and experts of the sector consisted in the search for “New formats of Entertainment “.

Much of them focuses on young audiences, on which the consultancy FTI noted that increasingly opt for the consumption of video through mobile phones.

A clear example of this is Brazil, where this consumption has tripled since 2012, while reducing the use of television from 40% to 28%.

Despite these changes in the platforms, the industry maintains the good time and Natpe managed to capture 150 new international buyers, a “significant growth from Europe “, which seeks to open to American markets.

As an example, the person in charge highlighted the great Spanish representation at the fair, as well as the opportunity for the Latin market to have all the co-productions that have been signed during the fair.

Also, during NATPE 2018 numerous channels and television projects have been presented with the United States and Latin America as clients, as is the case of “Atrescine “, of the Spanish corporation Atresmedia, or “Kanal D Drama “, a new payment channel with Turkish productions in Spanish, which will be available in both areas.

“Turkey’s content is fascinating. It has reached many agreements with Turkish companies this week “, explained JP Bommel in reference to the growing success in Latin America of soap operas of that country.

The Latin division of the cable TV channel HBO took advantage of NATPE to announce an international distribution operation that includes its most recognized series in the region, such as “Mr. Avila “, “The Bronze Garden ” or “magnificent 70 “.

Precisely the president of distribution of HBO Latin America, Francisco Smith, was one of the participants today in a conference on cable television in Latin America, as well as the audiovisual consumption of the public of the Generation Milénica.

Smith emphasized the improvement over five years ago in the development of new technologies in Latin America, although he said that the economic situation in some countries does not allow to expand the consumption of video through digital platforms.

The president of A Networks Latin America, Eduardo Ruiz, coincided with Smith, noting that the different situations in the countries of the region make him think that the consumption of video will be kept on television, with 82% of the current consumption through this medium.

“Pay television is growing in Latin America, even with the intrusion of platforms like Netflix. Although it is very different from one country to another “said Ruiz, who assured that future elections in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico can have an” impact “in this situation, if new regulations are approved.

In addition, the Director general of NBCUniversal International networks Latam. He highlighted the need for more investment in Latin America, since “They are far from those in the United States,” although it coincided in defining the Latin audiovisual scenario as “positive “.