Two Hours of Physical Activity Per Week Lengthen Your Life

Only two hours a week of physical activity do so much good to earn six years of life. The benefits of the movement could all be summarized with the results of the new study of the Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen: The motion can reduce the mortality risk by 44%. In short, more and more the mantra is: move. Because it is good for your health, and also for your mood.

The World Health Organization (WHO) updated a few weeks ago the strategy for Physical Activity 2016 – 2025. With the aim of reducing the insufficient physical activity by 10% by 2025. Inactivity is considered to be the fourth most important risk factor for mortality at the global level, with a negative impact on public health higher than you might think. The Italians, then, according to Eurobarometer, are among the most sedentary in Europe: 60% admits not to practice sports or physical activity, against a European average of 42%. But how much movement is needed to stay healthy?

In the meantime it is necessary to make sure that physical activity is not synonymous with sport. Moving to do chores, a walk, dancing, gardening or DIY is moderate physical activity. Another thing is to practice a sport, and not necessarily on a competitive level. According to the Who you have to make motorcycles for at least 150 minutes per week: 30 minutes of walking a day for five days a week and the goal is easily achieved. More, one hour per day of moderate to intense movement for children and teens: 60 Minutes that can also be dedicated to the game.

I mean, just a little. And the benefits are at 360 degrees: a study in the Journal of American geriatrics shows that the movement is also good for the brain and cognitive decay in the over 50: «In This follow-up study we noticed that the improvement of cognitive function was linked To increased muscular strength. The more people became stronger, the greater the benefit they gained at the brain level, ‘ says Yorgi Mavros, a researcher at the University of Sydney.

Moreover, moderate physical activity is also essential for the elderly. «Not only to prevent cardiovascular disease – comments Charles May, cardiologist and scientific director of the Italian Society of Functional Medicine (SIMF Medici) – but also to obtain benefits for memory and cognitive skills. Both aerobic activity and strength are important in adults and young people. By combining the two types of exercise, additional health benefits can be obtained, including reducing the incidence of certain cancers (colon and breast) and preventing osteoporosis. ‘

Above all, and at all ages, the greatest benefit of physical activity is on metabolism, as the researchers of the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health at the University of Milan have just discovered, in collaboration with the San Donato Hospital, The San Raffaele Hospital and the Milan Orthopedic Institute. In This study published in the Journal of Diabetes Research, it was observed that during the exercise skeletal muscle produces a molecule called irisin, responsible for the positive effects of physical activity on the metabolism of the organism. The greatest benefits would be on insulin sensitivity and resistance: ‘ Our study – The researchers explain – suggests a correlation between sport performance, insulin sensitivity and irisin levels. That can therefore be a potential mediator of the beneficial effects of physical exercise on the metabolic profile. ‘

Doing physical activity also protects you from infection. According to a study by the Danish University of Aalborg, who carried out very mild or moderate activity had a reduced risk of 10% to develop bacterial infections. Even a “simple” walk has important benefits. According to Giuseppe Capua, director of Medicine and rheumatology of the Sport of St. Camillus in Rome, the walk is a physical exercise that everyone can do. Twenty or thirty minutes more or less fast are an important physical activity, especially for those who cannot devote themselves to a sport». The walk is then just as effective as running in reducing the risk of heart disease, according to the American Heart Association: Just half an hour to get the same benefits as 15 minutes of jogging.

Of the same notice are the researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia. According to their study, published in Scientific reports, only a few minutes passed walking in a natural environment, like a park, to improve mental and physical health and reduce blood pressure.

But there are also those who go further. Physical activity would be able to reduce the risk of thirteen types of cancer from 10 to 42 percent. They wrote it in a study published on Jama scientists from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill gillings School of Public Health. And it’s certainly good news.

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