3 Best Tips To be a Great Content Writer

There is a lot of confusion about the skills needed to write content. As we all know how to read and write, theoretically we could all be writers… right? The answer is no, no matter what they say. But this seems hard to believe for some. The difference between an autonomous content writer and, for example, a freelance web developer is that everyone is convinced that they are qualified for the first. But I Got news: it’s not true.

Writing content is a trade that is learned, perfected and developed over time. Good editors spend much of their time researching and get-tinging with their customers ‘ products, and creating a work portfolio that contains diverse styles and voices.

Without even mentioning Google’s changing demands – where to be aware of what content is optimized and which ones are recognized and prioritized is a job in itself (full-time!) – let’s just write content for a hearing Determined with a voice to address them is not easy at all. If it was, they wouldn’t pay you to do it.

At the end of this article I will discuss three topics that you need to know perfectly if you are a content writer. And you have to handle them well always if you want your readers to remain interested, while you stay true to your client’s message. Also comment at the end of the post and tell me your favorite suggestions.

The value of online content

As the internet becomes more and more important in our lives, good content becomes more and more valuable. Having quality content on a startup’s page or app can make the difference between your success and your failure. The value of content marketing (that is, how to attract and maintain customers through the creation of quality and relevant content) is increasingly recognized globally as a legitimate alternative to pay advertising – even more valid in the long run.

The contents of a website are the voice of a brand, and that voice transmits to potential customers their messages and values. It is essential that those who write these contents have deep knowledge of the subject matter, and of the audience to whom it is presented and their needs.

In essence, the content writer has to be able to think like the audience and the company at the same time, creating a bridge between them to strengthen the value of the brand while strengthening its prestige as an authority in the field.

What should you consider then to start your career as a freelance content writer?
1. Find the tone

If you are applying for freelance work as a content writer for a company’s page, blog or newsletter, it is essential that you report. In what tone is your potential employer communicating with your customers? Is it an informative, friendly text, or both? Is it interesting, do you enjoy reading it, or is it something that needs improvement – which you could contribute?

It’s a delicate subject. If you write something funny for a website that usually communicates in a very serious tone, you will not get the job. But if you rewrite it in a more captivating way, you could get it.

It is very important for your potential employer to find the right voice. They need someone who can start working right away, and they can’t waste time explaining to the newcomer what the company’s style is.

But that you can easily find out before you offer for the job, and if you manage to maintain its tone, also improving the style and fluency will show that you are able to do the job.

2. Focus on fluency and not on the amount

Even if you have studied literature for years and spent your youth dreaming of succeeding as a police novelist, when you write content for websites is so important that you pay attention to the readability of the text as the message itself. So forget the lyrical narrative with incessant text fragments.

Pay attention to the format your customer normally uses. Do you have long paragraphs, no pictures, no page breaks? Your job is not only to make the material appealing, but also to be easy to read.

Use short paragraphs, about three lines, and mark the important parts with bold or italics. Use vignettes, subtitles and step-by-step instructions. This will help you keep the reader on the page, and it will also make Google categorize your site more easily.

No one is interested in reading passages lengthy text on a Web page, no matter how well written they are. Your readers will never get to the hilarious joke on the third page if the way there is not visually pleasing.

A lot of people read above, just looking for the part that interests them. Make it easy! Guide them in the correct format and use titles and subtitles (which will also help you with Google). Readers like to know what’s going to happen, so clarify from the beginning what the article is about and what they can get if they read it.

Additional tip: If the company you want to work with has an excellent format, copy the same style in the text you use as an example of your work. This way the customer can imagine your content in the company even before you start.

3. Don’t forget the action call buttons

The active content is much more valuable to the reader and the company than the passive content. Believe it or not, people like to be told what to do, whether it’s a step-by-step guide to getting ready for a job interview or a button that takes them straight to the shopping cart. Remember, readers like to go into action.

For some reason you are writing that article… what is it? Do you want readers to buy something, be more active on the site, recommend it to your friends? Guide them in the right direction with action call buttons, which makes it easy for you to do not only what you want them to do, but what they want.

For example, your readers have barely finished reading the 3 tips to become a great content writer. They are motivated and want to know what the next step is. Tell them. And do it also at the beginning of the post, so if you do not want to read the whole article can go directly to the end and click that link.

If you are writing a blog post for a company includes a big button, which when pressed take them directly to Landing page of the product. If your intention is for the reader to participate, start a controversial conversation topic in the comments section.

What experiences have you had working as a freelance content writer? What advice can you give to readers who are trying to get their next customer? Let’s start the debate in the comments section.

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