The Importance of Twago Score

What is the Twago score?

Twago score is an excellent tool for obtaining a general image of the supplier. On a scale of 0-10 (being 10 the best), the Twago score comes from a combination and interaction of different variables grouped into three categories: profile, reputation and activity. This system works in a way that each variable influences the other, so the valuation of the supplier changes constantly according to the quality of the activity present in the platform. It’s a quick way to get an overview without analyzing the rest of the profile in depth.

Why is it important for freelance?

All kinds of relationships are based on trust, and the relationship between clients and freelance in Twago does not differ. The part of the freelance in this relationship is the duty to optimize your profile as much as possible, remember that a high Twago score is your best quality certificate. Another benefit of having a good Twago score is the facility to be located, basically you will be the first of the list on our website, as the default order of users is from higher to lower Twago score. The final conclusion can be summed up in that a greater Twago score is more likely to get interesting projects.

Why is it important to the customer?

The greatest concern of every client is uncertainty; Uncertainty to poorly done work, uncertainty to problems in communicating with the provider or uncertainty to mistrust between the two parties. Who has not distrusted or doubted on occasion of a user with an incomplete profile or a low rating? That is why the Twago score is so important to the clients, since it facilitates and simplifies the search process of the ideal freelancer and gives them all the confidence that an incomplete profile does not give them.

How can I improve my Twago score? 7 tips to do it

  1. Use a professional photo but at the same time always give your personal touch.
  2. Never use an alias, always use your real name. People want to meet the person behind the profile and trust her: she thinks they’re going to take care of a project and they’re going to pay you for it.
  3. Never stop adding skills to your catalog, as it increases your twago score and denotes a full dedication to the platform.
  4. Make your profile as visual as possible, use all kinds of tools and be creative to make your profile stand out on the rest.
  5. Try to get recommendations and evaluations, there is nothing like seeing a client, from an impartial perspective, speaking well of your work.
  6. Add to your portfolio only your best jobs, we all have better and worse jobs, make a selection and choose the best of your career. You don’t need customers to see your most mediocre jobs.
  7. See your profile as a straight line, never as a closed circle, as with life itself you have to go updating your profile as time goes on. Always keep in mind that your profile is never completely finished.

We leave the public profile of Twago of our freelance Javier Gonzalez, no doubt a perfect example of how your profile should be:

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