Tips to Write a Perfect Article for a Blog

Often when we consult the Internet for information, the results lead us to a blog. And today there are many people who have launched the adventure of creating their own blog in which to share information, tips or news.

However writing on the Internet requires a series of keys that make a blog differ from others and stand out. Next we will talk about five tips to write on a blog and how to write the perfect post.


  1. First of all, the writing of articles for a blog requires content of interest and usefulness for users. It is for this reason that they work so well the listings with tips or keys to carry out some action, because it is something that is useful for the readers because we will solve them some problem.
  2. A good post can also be one that generates debate, opinion and reflection. It may well be a page that deals with current issues or a blog about another topic, but whenever you make think and comment to users.
  3. On the Internet the ideal is to write in a close and personal way, as if we were talking with the reader. It’s something that will make you feel valued.
  4. If you want to capture the attention of your readers it is necessary to ‘ enter them by the eyes ‘, i.e to use a good headline that generates arousal and interest to want to know more.
  5. Generate interaction with other post of your blog can also help your articles are more read. For example, if someone finds an article on a theme, add a section of related articles below.

How to create, then, the perfect post?

Here are some tips that can help:

  • Holder. As for the title of the articles, they should not be too long, but short and direct, and also include some key word about the content. Ideally located around 70 characters.
    Including a subtitle that arouses interest can also help capture readers.
  • The content will always deal with interesting and useful topics such as the solution to a problem or a topical issue. Don’t forget to include external links of interest (add value to the content and Google will also appreciate it).
  • It organizes the content to be visually attractive, avoiding the appearance of a long block of text. To do this add titles that separate the contents, points, listings… or includes images or videos that amenicen.
  • Content should always carry content-related keywords.
  • Including images in a post is not mandatory but it is advisable, even if it is just a header image. It is something that makes the article more attractive and can also help positioning (many users find the posts through the image search). Do not forget that the images must have a name with keywords about the content of the article, preventing them from being loaded with names like ‘ image ‘ or ‘ capture ‘.

The article shall be structured as follows:

  1. Introduction to the topic.
  2. Content structured in different paragraphs or sections.
  3. Conclusion.
  4. References or external sources.
  5. Calls to action.

Then we share an infographic that shows the above information visually:

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