Improving a Website for SMEs

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) embarked on the digital adventure by entering their email address to their business cards. Then came the great challenge of having the first website. Many skeptics asked if it was really necessary to make online mark. Only a few years later is the question that has ceased to be made and more and more companies prefer to be easily found in Google than in the paper guides of your city.

SMEs make up 99.88 percent of the business fabric in Spain and generate 63 percent of employment according to the Central Business directory (DIRCE). Now they want to have a Web page that allows them to sell directly their products or services, what is known as e-commerce. Therefore, having a web that meets these demands and at the same time is simple and easy to find is key to position in the sector.

Here are some tips for your company to exist in the network optimally:
1. Your website doesn’t have to have it all

Before you start, ask yourself: what do you want to sell, what do you want to show, what do you need and how far can you go? For example, do not insist on having a website in English if you do not want to sell abroad.

2. Choose the content manager that suits your needs

CMS in PHP as WordPress or Joomla have a lot of plugins that greatly facilitate the creation of a site SEO friendly. If you are looking for an e-commerce, you can use PrestaShop, which like WordPress is in PHP and free.

3. Usability and mobility

If the company has physical headquarters, you must bet a lot for the local positioning, especially for tablet and mobile. Not all your future customers will access your page from the same browser, or from the same operating system. The use of smartphones and tablets allows your customers to take a quick look at your website from any site. But if an image is too big on your electronic device or, it doesn’t look good, it will leave your page fast.

4. The brief if good, twice good

Make a clear, straightforward and straightforward website. The average visiting time a person spends viewing a Web page is less than a minute, and most have enough 10-30 seconds. If you consider this, you will know what you mean about your company.
5. A picture is worth a thousand words

Make sure you have a variety of good pictures about your company. Especially if you are going to use an e-commerce platform you will need photographs of each one of your products that you are going to sell.

6. “To be or not to be” on social networks

Create a Google + Local page and try to position yourself by keyword + City + neighborhood is a good alternative to compete against more powerful sites. But consider if your product really needs to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, and if you have the time to update online properly. Think that customers will contact you through the networks whenever they have doubts and leave public comments (sometimes negative) about their experiences.

7. Don’t make love but war Yes

We’re talking guerrilla marketing. If you have few resources to invest in online advertising, take advantage of the free internet to leave good comments and advice in forums related to your industry, add your company on pages like Trip Advisor, or answer users doubts in Yahoo Respuestas. Don’t ever be spam and have ingenuity and creativity.

8. Avoid unnecessary orders

We are in a more and more global market. But think if you can really reach this globality from your people. Customers are multichannel, but SMEs are not always. It makes clear on the web if you can distribute to another region your products and avoid complaints from customers.

With these tips you can already get an idea of what you really need and start looking for experts. Only one more data, the digitization of Spanish SMEs could generate from 2 to 4 million of jobs, according to the Institute of the Digital Economy of ESIC (ICEMD). So the sooner you start the online adaptation, the sooner you get good results.

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