Case of Success in Twago

We have contacted Adrian Rodriguez, VIP user at Twago, to tell us what is the secret of his success on the platform. In this interview you will discover the key to find customers quickly and safe. I hope you disfuteís with her and we will be happy to receive your comments.

1. Are you a freelancer or a company?

I am a freelancer expert in programming services development and design.

I have knowledge in most programming languages but some more thoroughly than others. I started at the age of 13 with basic HTML classes and from there I discovered that it was really what I liked.

Until recently I did not decide to take the big leap to become self-employed, I was always afraid of not finding enough projects and that people do not appreciate my work but thanks to Twago I’m getting to make my way in the world of Internet at very good speed.

2. How did you know Twago and why did you decide to use it?

I really do not remember how I met Twago, would be in one of those times when you are looking at the search engines projects for freelancers and I appeared. My first impression was the one we have all, a company that offers free work but that in return will take a part, so I do not have a good impression.

Then I decided to investigate in forums and the web itself and little by little I saw that it was a new company that provided many tools to find programming projects among others.

3. Why do you think your offers convince customers?

There really is no common factor to like all customers. There are many types of customers and not everyone likes the same but, in what I usually focus, is in sincerity in reference to deadlines and budgets.
Lately they have contacted me many customers, thought that all freelancers are going to find the money fast and scam them. I show them that this is not the case delivering quality results.

4. Before being a VIP user, what type of subscription did you use?

I started like the vast majority of users, registering with the free subscription and waiting for me to be chosen in a project to be able to invest in a paid subscription. Finally the day came when I was chosen for a GREAT project and I took the opportunity to invest in a freelance subscription. At that time I noticed a big change in terms of commissions and visibility, so I got more projects. With so many projects in sight I decided to try the VIP subscription to avoid the twago service rate. Now with the VIP account I do not pay any commission per project and clients can contact me without going through twago.

5. Why did you decide to become a VIP user? Do you think it’s profitable?

I decided to buy a VIP subscription because I started to have a lot of projects and the commissions I had to pay, as it was large projects, they were high. It really is very profitable and it recovers fast.

6. What is for you the main benefit of carrying out the projects within the platform?

Customers when they hang a project on the platform and know what they are going, what they will have to do and what they want therefore saves you some problems that may arise with customers you know outside the platform as for example to tell you : I didn’t know, I was thinking that… That is something that I have noticed a lot and is appreciated.

7. Have you done projects for international clients?

Yes, I’ve done some projects for Argentina, India and USA. It is a shame that they have not been reflected as references in Twago because having a VIP subscription have been contacted directly with me without having to go through the platform.

8. What do you think of the SafePay service offered by Twago? Have you used it?

I have not used much safePay that usually are close clients and are made bank transfers, but I have had some project in which I have used. It gives Me confidence to know that you have the money of the project safe and that you will receive it. The little inconvenience I have found is that like many others, some work with 30-50% advancement and SafePay you can not offer, but hey you know that once given the final OK of the client, you will receive everything.

9. What advice would you give to other collaborators to get projects through Twago?

I would tell them not to go for the fast money, to be aware of what the customer really needs and to make an assessment based on that. Not to have a budget of €3000 you have to get €2999, your job may only be worth €1000 and then constantly asking for more projects.

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