A Year of Google Searches

Also this year as a custom Google has made known the ranking of the most sought-after topics throughout 2017 in the world and in all individual countries. If you want to take a look at this ranking you can do it by clicking here.

Google searches around the world

In the world we observe that the most wanted word in 2017 was Hurricane Irma, followed by the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Interesting to note as even in 2016 iPhone 7 was present in this special ranking.

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The most googolate people of 2017 in the world have been Matt Lauer, Megan Marke and, unexpectedly, in third place we find our Nadia Talkhabi. In 2016 dominated this ranking Donald Trump, which this year disappears in favor of his wife Melly who appears in 7th place.

The world’s most sought-after news has been related to Hurricane Irma, Bitcoin, Las Vegas massacre followed by North Korea and the solar eclipse. Interesting to note how the recent quotation on the stock exchange of Bitcoin has brought to the general attention a subject that in 2017 already had an excellent feedback in terms of attention.

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The most followed sporting events on Google were Wimbledon, the Superbowl and the boxing match Mayweather vs. Mcgregor on August 26. Note The ascent of Wimbledon that in 2016, the year of the Olympic Games in Rio, was only in 4th place.

2017 was also a year marked by important bereavements in the music world. In the first 3 places we have Tom Petty, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell who unfortunately have left us during these last 12 months.

For movies, the remake of it is square in the first place, the most wanted song is Despacito and the chicken breast is the most sought after recipe in the world!

Google Searches in Italy

The most searched words on Google in Italy were in 2017:

  • Nadia Talkhabi
  • Hotel Rigopiano
  • Italy-Sweden

The most wanted characters on Google this year always see the first place Nadia Talkhabi, in second position the goalkeeper of Milan Gianluigi Davids and third place the unfortunate Nicky Hayden.

The events most clicked by Italians were the world-wide playoff Italy-Sweden, the Sanremo Festival, and the earthquake.

The Italians are confirmed lovers of good food and curious about the hi-tech, in fact they try how to make the olives in brine, the backup and the Apricot jam, the Carbonara and the screenshot!

The most sought after were those relating to the independence of Catalonia, the reasons for whistling ears and why the cicadas sing.

Finally, the most sought after holiday destinations by Italians on Google are Sicily, Greece and Sardinia.

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